New Year’s Refresh

My mood board from PhotoShop Skillshare class.

Creating this mood board was a fun project.

New years bring a feeling of renewal and while I don’t get into making resolutions, I do get into a fresh start mode. I have been playing around with different apps for creating good habits. Most recently I’ve been using Lift to record whether I’m getting to bed before midnight or doing daily walks and stretching.

My mind also turns to those “someday” goals that I never get around to. Some are creative projects and some are taking classes for skills I have previously only acquired through trial and error. I found a photoshop class that combined both because the class project was creating a mood board. I had a lot of fun doing it.

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Reluctant WordPress developer

light bulb moment

When it comes to my personal or volunteer life, one of my favorite things to do is learn something new. I love to dive into a project with no clue how to do it because I love the process of figuring it out. It is definitely a significant source of … [Continue reading]

Biking like a kid again

Dripping wet in the garage

Dad and I didn't often see eye-to-eye, but I'll always remember his being there when I rode my bike without training wheels for the first time. Such a classic childhood moment when you first feel that sense of mastery and independence. Riding my bike … [Continue reading]

I Bike Friendly

It's not too cold to ride

You may have heard the term bike-friendly which is used by the League of American Bicyclists in official designations for states, communities, businesses or¬†universities. The new advocacy group we have started here in Greenville, Bike Walk … [Continue reading]

Some innocent times can be recaptured


The Women Bike program of the League of American Bicyclists has been posting some pictures showing biking as a great way to achieve New Year's resolutions. My favorite was the resolution to feel like a kid again. That is definitely a big part of how … [Continue reading]